Sweet 16Girls 15th Region ChampionshipJohnson Central vs Shelby Valley 15th Region TournamentKyle and Johna 01/21/18Buddy and Sheena Jude 12/24/17Casey and Brianna Delong 12/24/17Danna and Phil 12/19/17Curtis and Krystal Goble 12/19/17Sheila Maynard 12/12/17Thomas and Machelle Ray 12/10/17Ryan and Candace Kelly 12/10/17The Davis Family 12/06/17Josh and Anika 12/2/17Ian, Jacki and Claire 11/30/17Tracy Baldridge 11/26/17Ernay Adams 11/27/17Jessie Wellman 11/20/17Paige and Chase 11/19/17Kingdom Tribe 11/18/17Jami Maynard 11/12/17Robynn Haney 11/08/17Sheena Potter 11/04/17Andrea Russell 11/04/17Samantha Maynard 11/04/17Cheyenna Steele 11/04/17Alisha Horn 11/04/17Brianne Davis 11/04/17Lois Walker 11/04/17Jada Preece 11/03/17Casey, Chelsey, and Harper 11/03/17Tyson Copley 10/30/17Mikaela Horn 10/29/17Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bowen 10/28/17KHSAA Competition 10/26/17Dance Team 10/24/17Allie Sweeney 10/22/17Channing and Regina 10/22/17Kaitie Stepp 10/14/17Miss Molly Kate 10/07/17Josh & Megan Engagement Session 10/07/17Houston and Tori 9/21/17Mr. and Mrs. Derek Mollette 9/16/17Sheldon Clark Homecoming 9/15/17Powder Puff Championship Game 9/15/17Sophomore/Junior Powderpuff Game 9/14/17Laken Goforth 09/10/17Jennifer Howell 09/10/17Tommie Mounts Senior Photos 09/10/17Taylor Robinson Senior Portraits 9/4/17Princess Livy's Homecoming 8/22/17Nick and Julia 8/20/17Bash's Birthday Party 07/16/17Full Range Outdoors Session 2 7-12-17Edgewood Baptist Church 7-6-17Jill Music 7/4/17Full Range OutdoorsCincinnati TripMadison & whitneyTiffany Fannin 11/04/17AcrobatsJC vs LCTerri Hopson